PLEASURE \ à la Beast

A music video for a la Beast, shot in Mexico City

“Just by the name Pleasure, I knew that it was the right time to glorify women and their pleasure. Since the latest talks are mostly about how women were discriminated and were put down for so long, I thought, why shouldn’t we just show how fun is it to be a woman and enjoy from ourselves only? The song is very sexy and interesting taking you as the listener to a lot of highs and lows and mostly a distinct moment of climax. That is why the feminine pleasure act is so emphasised here. On top, the crew of the production were just women, which made it even easier to work with this topic on set and to take out this sensual and crazy outcome. The main point is to smile and have some humour while watching and listening.”

Thanks to all the great women who created this piece of art. You are an inspiration. You are powerful. True artists. Thank you Shira!
Director: Shira Kela
Muse: Columba Diaz
Art director: Orly Anan
Stylist: Yasmina Benabdelkrim Machancoses
Make up artist: Chëla Olea
Prop stylist: @anjijis
Art assistant: @atl.mai
Post production: Arata Mori