„In Between“

Presenting artist at the yearly group exhibition at „Art Biesenthal“


Presenting artist at the group exhibition at „Monopol“ (w)hole of hope

„8 Rooms Gallery“

Presenting artist at the group exhibition at the gallery


Director, writer and producer of the short film zygota. Screened in „Curtain Hotel“ as a part of „Girls in Film“

„Women Cinemakers“ Official selction „GRRL HAUS CINEMA“

„Reykjavik feminist film festival“ shortlisted



Director of 2 short films that were promoting a new community club in Moscow, Russia



Creative director of an interactive audio visual piece that was premie- red in Festival Arttec, Bogota in September 2017. comissioned by the Israeli embassy in Colomabia.


„Alma Mater“

Executive producer and artistic director of an immersive experience event that consisted of live dance and musical performances, inter- active installations and an exhibition of participated artists.

„Polyphony studio“

Co-founder and artistic director of „polyphony studio“ a shared