Shira Kela born in Tel Aviv, 1987  is an artist and director who aspires to influence people’s experience, feelings and perception through different mediums with her acquired artistic knowledge.

Her move to Barcelona in 2010 started her journey through cultures, people and art allowing her to research and explore whats on her heart and mind in an authentic and personal way. She graduated from IED Barcelona, 3 year BA studies in Media Design.

Later on in 2013 she decided to get some new experiences and a fresh perspective and relocated to Berlin, there she found new language to share her visions and more collaborations and artistic ventures that took her on new levels. She founded an art collective “Polyphony”.

Most of her work was based on video art, then expanded and interlaced with more mediums such as installation work within different spaces, sculptures, photography and conceptual immersive events.



Polyphony Studio

Provinzstr. 44

13409, Berlin